Jennifer Hyman

Co-Founder & CEO, Rent The Runway

Trusted Advisor

"While consulting with Rent The Runway on a variety of projects, Trey became a trusted advisor to me and my co-founder. He provided a high level of client service, often anticipating our needs. Trey effectively represented Rent the Runway to external parties and negotiated a very favorable terms on our behalf. Working with Trey had a substantial positive impact on our business. I would gladly work with him again."

Raj De Datta

Co-Founder & CEO, BloomReach

Very High Return on Investment

"During a six month consulting engagement, Trey completed important projects for BloomReach in the areas of pricing, product performance, and sales effectiveness. He worked very well across a wide range of employees from senior executives to more junior business and engineering employees. Trey helped me and my management team develop the best metrics to measure BloomReach's positive impact on its customers. Even for a big data application (BDA) company like BloomReach, Trey was able to generate significant business results through insights from data and analysis beyond what we were able to do on our own. For example, by analyzing our data in a way that we hadn't seen before, Trey identified a significant near-term revenue opportunity for the company. I highly recommend his services-- working with Trey is a very high return on investment."

Jennifer Fleiss

Co-Founder, Rent The Runway

Highly Recommend Trey's Services to Other Executive Teams

"During a four-month period, Trey performed a number of high-impact projects for Rent The Runway. His experience across a number of Internet sectors and business functions made him a valuable advisor to the company -- I often sought Trey's advice on a variety of topics. Trey was able to quickly understand the business issues facing our company and developed creative solutions tailored to our specific situation. Working equally well with our board of directors and front-line employees, Trey took the initiative to help us achieve results. At the completion of the projects, Trey ensured the seamless integration of his work into our operations. Based on the positive impact of his work on our financial results, working with Trey produced a very high return on investment. I would highly recommend Trey's services to other executive teams."

Scott Friend

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

An Exceptionally Clear Thinker and Communicator

"I worked with Trey first when he was a CFO consultant to TheFind and later when he was COO managing most of the company's non-engineering operations. Trey has the unique ability to see the forest and the trees; he is as good at big picture strategy as he is at detailed, technical analysis. Trey was an important contributor to TheFind’s early success which led to its selection as one of the fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 500 List while achieving 9 consecutive quarters of profitability and positive cash flow. An exceptionally clear thinker and communicator, he put dashboards in place that helped the management team and investors better understand and make decisions around the key drivers and economics of the business. I have recommended Trey's services to other companies in my portfolio where he has also been an extremely effective consultant/advisor and played an important role."

John D. Brennan

Managing Director, Sumeru Equity Partners

Recommend for Companies Looking for a Results-Oriented Consultant

"I have known Trey for more than 10 years and worked with him closely at HP and Adobe. Trey is both insightful and persistent -- he is able to take complex ideas and analysis and translate them into clear, visual terms that are easy to understand. At the same time, he isn't satisfied until he fully understands a situation and has found the best answer. Trey presents well-reasoned arguments even when his point of view is unconventional or unpopular. For example, at a time when HP executive management commitment to the company's networking business was wavering, Trey was a clear advocate for investing in the business. (Since then, HP Networking has grown tenfold to more than $2 billion in revenue.) I highly recommend him for companies looking for a results-oriented consultant to assist with data-intensive challenges and opportunities."

Scott Dettmer

Founding Partner, Gunderson Dettmer

Strong Analytical Skills, Broad Business and Financial Understanding

"Trey and I worked closely together when he was at TheFind. He has very strong analytical skills, as well as a broad business and financial understanding that helps that analysis be both pragmatic and actionable. And, over and above all that, he's an enjoyable guy to work with."

Tim Haley

Founding Partner, Redpoint Ventures

Board Member, Netflix

Recommend to Work With My Portfolio Companies

"Working with Trey over the course of four years, I was impressed by his ability to work at all levels of the company–from the Board of Directors down to the front line employees–to achieve results. Trey was able to translate strategic goals into clear operational metrics that helped the company grow its traffic to more than 20 million visits per month. He has the highest integrity and ethical standards and builds trusting relationships easily through his straightforward, diplomatic style. I would gladly work with Trey again and would recommend him to work with my portfolio companies."

Ben Nelson

Founder & CEO, The Minerva Project

Former President, Snapfish

I Highly Recommend Trey

"I worked closely with Trey for two years at Snapfish. During that time, Trey was instrumental in helping the management team profitably increase revenue by 4x. His expertise in operations was critical to Snapfish's international expansion to 15 new countries on 3 continents. Trey's ability to understand fundamental business drivers, measure and improve operations, and forecast likely results helped Snapfish exceed its financial targets for the eight consecutive quarters that he was involved with the business. He is witty, gets along with a wide variety of employees, and is a very enjoyable person to work with. I highly recommend Trey."

Ivan Gaviria

Partner, Gunderson Dettmer

General Counsel Advisory Board of the National Venture Capital Association

Trey Is the Person I Trust for Rigorous Analysis on High Stakes Problems

"I have known Trey for more than 20 years. During that time, I have found him to be thoughtful and curious with a point of view that is always fact-based. He does not readily accept the conventional wisdom, but instead digs deep into the problem to discover the best answers. Our firm's business is focused on innovative companies that are often creating their own markets. We've seen time and again that drawing the right conclusions from business experiments and the resulting data can absolutely be the difference maker on whether a company succeeds or fails. Trey is the person I trust for rigorous analysis on high stakes problems."

Zoran Dukic

Engineering Leadership, Uber

Former VP Engineering, TheFind

One of the Best Business Partners I've Worked With

"It was my pleasure to work with Trey at TheFind. Trey understood the value of large, complex data sets before the term "big data" was coined. Trey is unusual in that he not only asks thoughtful business questions but also has the technical understanding to work closely with engineers to get important insights out of the data. He is action-oriented, and worked across the company to get results. Trey is one of the best business partners I've worked with."