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Business Analytics Consulting

What I Do

Hi, I'm Trey Pruitt, an independent business analytics consultant.

I help clients:

  • Understand the most important drivers of their businesses
  • Model future outcomes using historical data
  • Take action to improve business results



Metrics & Drivers

  • Discover the most important drivers of your business
  • Establish metrics and set targets

Prediction & Forecast Models

  • Create models to predict customer-level events
  • Build models to forecast key metrics

Deployment & Implementation

  • Deploy prediction and forecast models to update based on new data
  • Guide company actions to benefit from predictions and forecasts

Areas of Expertise

New Customer Acquisition & Sales Pipelines

Trial conversion predictions and sales pipeline forecasting

Customer Retention & Expansion

Customer and subscription churn, upgrades and downgrades

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) & Unit Economics

Predicted customer revenue and profit, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and payback periods

Cohort Analysis & Forecasting

Trend analysis and forecasting of customer cohorts by tenure, revenue type, product, geography, etc.