Why Clients Hire Us

When the client is a company CEO or CFO

  • Must make a major decision and needs to develop scenarios and understand financial implications
  • Needs a financial and operating plan and must to model scenarios and set targets
  • Seeks a deeper understanding of the the drivers of historical customer and revenue growth and implications for the future in order to prioritize new initiatives
  • Wants to improve an area of the business and seeks to set aggressive but achievable targets with a clear plan of which metrics will improve by month
  • Is experiencing negative trends of one or more metrics and wants to know why, what this means for the future, and how to reverse the trends

When the client is a venture capital or private equity investor

  • Evaluating a new investment opportunity and needs assistance performing a deep analysis of historical customer cohort and revenue trends
  • Is preparing a portfolio company for sale and needs a deep dive analysis and preparation of data for due diligence