Subscription Businesses
Are Unique

Uncover problems and opportunities BEFORE you invest

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Are You Concerned About:

Overpaying For an Investment

Paying too high a price because you didn't fully understand the true unit economics of a subscription business?

Discovering a Problem

Finding a problem with a subscription company investment AFTER you invest?

Not Having a Clear Roadmap

Not having a clear roadmap for how a investment will reach its financial targets?

Lower Finanical Returns

Learning that investment requires much more future capital than you anticipated, increasing your dilution and reducing your returns?

Value Proposition

Past Performance

Understand drivers of past subscription performance

  • What's working, what could be improved?
  • Any business model red flags (e.g. negative unit economics)?

Future Scenarios

Learn what past performance means for the future in multiple scenarios

  • How sensitive are future results to subscription model drivers?
  • How much improvement beyond "status quo" trends is required to achieve financial targets?
  • What would base case, upside, and downside scenarios look like?

Your Deal Process

Integrate insights into your deal process

  • Collaborative "what if" modeling with your deal team
  • Integration of scenarios into your deal models

The Plan


Schedule a Zoom call to discuss your situation and timeline. If the project is a fit, we'll scope the engagement, sign an NDA, and get started.


Get insights on target company subscription performance and likely future outcomes. Integrate scenarios with your deal models and investment thesis. Sail through investment committee approval, close deal.

Investment Success

Generate great financial returns from your subscription business investment.

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Your Guide

I'm Trey Pruitt. I've been a CFO and a corporate development professional, so I know how hard deals can be. Under tight deal timeframes, its hard to get the insights you need in the due diligence process.

As a consultant working alongside investors for the last 15 years, I've seen the many examples of great (and not-so-great) subscription businesses. I'm here to help you invest in great business successes and avoid catastrophic failures. That's why I've developed a process and proprietary analysis and scenario planning toolsto get your investment teams insights quickly.

Trey Pruitt

How We Can Help

I know that you are the kind of investor that takes an analytical approach to investing. You see the opportunity in subscription businesses with attractive unit economics. In order to invest in the right subscription companies, you need to dig deep into the target's financials.

because traditional business metrics don't capture the key drivers of subscription performance, you are concerned that you'll fail to uncover serious problems or miss large opportunities during due diligence. Your analyst team and accounting consultants lack the tools and forward-looking perspective to help you understand what could go right with a company (and what could go wrong). I believe that you shouldn't have to make investment decisions without a rigorous analysis of the fundamental drivers of a subscription business. That's why I've developed a process and set of software tools to get you rapid insights into subscription performance -- past and future.

Here's how it works: we do an initial zoom call to discuss your investment or M&A situation. If the project is a fit, then I will scope the work and sign an NDA. I will staff any technical resources required to gather and process data from the target company. I will assess what's working and what needs improvement, and work with your team to develop scenarios and validate your investment thesis. We'll summarize our findings in a written report and provide documentation to support your investment approval process. You'll sail through your internal investment review process, close the deal, and be well on your way to a successful subscription company investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless your firm is exceptional at analyzing and forecasting subscription businesses, you could miss material problems and opportunities. Just putting a young associate or recent MBA on the task won't get you the results you need.
These services providers are helpful for accounting due diligence and adjustments to historical EBITDA, but rarely 1) evaluate the unit economics / fundamental subscription drivers or 2) forecast future outcomes based on these drivers.
We offer great value for a fair price. In the context of the potential upside/downside of an investment, clients usually find our fees to be a bargain.
We are accustomed to working on tight deadlines and have invested in software tools that allow us to generate insights for clients very quickly..
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