New vs. Retaining Upselling Customers

How Much Should I Focus On Acquiring New Customers vs. Retaining/Upselling Existing Customers?

Whether you're grappling with budget constraints or seeking the most effective way to boost your business growth, this post breaks down the essentials of customer acquisition versus retention and upselling. Discover how time frame, customer lifetime value, acquisition costs, and more play a crucial role in shaping your approach. Read on to find out which strategy aligns best with your business's unique needs.

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Top 3 Factors to Predict Subscription Churn

My Top 3 Factors to Predict Subscription Churn

Churn, the rate at which customers leave your service, can make or break a subscription model. Often, there's a tendency for businesses to become overly concerned with identifying every possible factor this is correleated with subscriber churn. However, my experience suggests that a model focusing on just three key factors can be highly effective in predicting subscription churn.

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ARR vs. Bookings ACV

ARR vs. Bookings ACV Explained

In this video, I'll explain the difference between Bookings ACV and ARR and how to use them to answer critical SaaS investor questions.

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How To Present Sales Data

When I need to present sales data with actual vs. target with data at the product and country level, I usually want to answer these questions (often in this order):

  • how did actual sales compare to target overall, both in absolute terms and as a percentage vs. target?
  • how did …

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How to Measure Target vs. Actual Sales

When measuring target versus actual sales, typically what people want to know is how does the actual compare to target in absolute and percentage terms?. Often a variance table works well for this. The format usually has columns in this order:

  • Metric
  • Actual
  • Target
  • Variance
  • Variance %

In terms of the …

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unit economics

A Crash Course in Unit Economics

Check out my new video series on unit economics. It is based on a talk that received one of the highest feedback ratings at the Spero Ventures Founder Summit.

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

5 Things to Know About Customer Lifetime Value

Clearing up confusion about Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

"Nobody Knows Anything" ... But Some Predictions Are Better Than Others

I recently enjoyed reading the 1983 classic Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman (1931-2018), who wrote many screenplays including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1. In the book, Goldman famously observed that when it comes to predicting the success of a movie, "nobody knows anything." I don't …

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